Interview with Pierre Thuillier

Pierre Thuillier, 31, Manager, joined DIAGMA in 2013.

A graduate of Ecole Centrale Lyon, DIAGMA offered him a permanent contract at the end of his 6-month internship at the firm. He is passionate about sports in general, travel and comics. He also plays on a basketball team.

What attracted him to DIAGMA

“At Centrale Lyon, I had taken a few Supply Chain Management courses, some of which were given by firms, and completed a work placement at PSA, where I was impressed by the precise synchronization of on-board procurement. It made me want to do my final internship in this field. I searched Google for Supply Chain Management consulting firms and the first one on the list was DIAGMA. In view of the presentation and references of the firm, I sent an unsolicited application. Three days later, I was interviewed by Jean-Patrice Netter and Yves Dallery. The “fit” was instant and at the end of the interview, it was yes for them and for me. I started in April 2013.”

What he appreciates today about DIAGMA

“The trust that was placed in me from the beginning when I was only 23 years old, which allowed me to grow and quickly become independent. The diversity of missions, sectors and clients. The proximity with the partners of the firm which allows you to learn quickly and well from experts who have 20/ 30 / 40 years of experience…. In fact, at DIAGMA, we are quickly in contact with clients whom we must convince that the solution we propose is good, that it will improve their performance. And the partners are there to support us in our response to the client. Finally, we must be truly rigorous in terms of analysis, mathematics, statistics… so many intellectual stimuli that I feared I would lose when I left school, which is not the case at all.”

If he had to convince you to come and work with him

“To a young person coming out of school, I would say that the transition is quite easy at DIAGMA. The experts are didactic and you should not be afraid to ask them questions. Each young recruit has a mentor who follows his or her development, with whom he or she is free to interact and who evaluates him or her (skills acquired, points for improvement, etc.). This allows you to evolve at your own pace. The team of consultants is also very friendly and helps each other in a good atmosphere. We quickly integrate into the firm that solicits you very early on to get your opinion, take initiatives… Also important: we work a lot but everyone sets their own limits, which really makes it possible to balance private and professional life.”