Your key issue is to improve your logistics and transport operations.

  • You need to reorganize your supply/distribution scheme ?
  • You need to review your transport plans or the design/location of your warehouses, change transport or logistics service providers ?
  • You need to implement new technical or IT solutions to improve reliability and performance while controlling your costs?

We can help you to:

  • Review your logistics and transport strategies (outsourcing, pooling, etc.)
  • Reconsider the structure of your physical distribution network and the number and location of your storage and cross-docking sites
  • Redesign your warehouses and their internal flows to transform them into more efficient multi-line manufacturing "parcel plants" (multi-channel warehouses)
  • Accelerate the improvement of your warehouse performance (reduction of lead time, reduction of order cut-offs, quick-wins, etc.) via video diagnostics
    Optimize your order preparation after portfolio analysis
  • Take advantage of the mechanization, automation and/or robotization of your warehouses
  • Optimize the transport network, successfully tender, select carriers and implement the new transport plan
  • Choose a WMS (warehouse management) or TMS (transport management, route optimization, etc.) software

Examples of achievements

  • Rationalization of the upstream logistics scheme of a Tunisian plant for a manufacturer of high-tech products
  • Conducting an approach to pool distribution logistics for an agricultural sector
    Optimization of warehouse processes with a significant annual gain
  • Redesign and assistance in the optimized choice of logistics routes between suppliers, warehouses and points of sale for a leader in the GSB.

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