Your key issue is to improve your industrial operations.

  • Your factories are no longer keeping pace?
  • Your industrial costs are skyrocketing as batch sizes decrease and the number of products to be manufactured increases?
  • Do you need to improve agility and manufacturing performance while controlling your costs?
  • Involve your staff more in manufacturing quality and performance?

We can help you to:

  • Review the number, location and specialization of your production sites
  • Better synchronize and accelerate your manufacturing flows
  • Optimize your operational and production processes (lean manufacturing, activity based management)
  • Secure and optimize your flow of goods, information and people in your plants
  • Improve the performance of your industrial maintenance to increase the availability of your production equipment while optimizing costs
  • Look for better skill profiles to involve in your plants

Examples of achievements

  • Simulation and optimization of the use / sizing of mixing / storage capacities for an ice cream manufacturer
  • Multi-site internal benchmarking on industrial maintenance practices and performance at a consumer goods manufacturer
  • Assistance in the choice of optimized location of production sites on a global scale for an electrical equipment manufacturer
  • Optimization of the European industrial network of a hygiene product manufacturer

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