Si nombre de sociétés ont repris leur activité, beaucoup d’entre elles ne fonctionnent pas encore en totalité. Comment être sûr de reprendre le plus efficacement possible ? De dépenser de manière optimale pour l’entreprise les énergies, capacités et ressources dont vous disposez ?

Do you have absent employees looking after their children? Suppliers who have not taken over in full? Do you use alternative modes of transport while waiting for shipping companies and airlines to put their entire fleet back into action? Are your supply systems, the parameters of which have not all been reviewed, creating shortages and overstocks?

Not yet cruising

Many companies have the feeling of having entered a phase of recovery because they have passed the height of the health crisis and are “reopening”. But many of them have not yet recovered all of their sourcing, production, storage, transport, delivery capacities … and they do not have all their useful resources. While others are overheating or making up for lost time. In short, the majority of companies are in a mode which is no longer completely “firefighter” but not yet “at full speed”.

Risks to be understood, opportunities to be seized

Fortunately, COVID-19 appears to be stalling in Europe. This gives us some respite and suggests that roughly speaking, we should “resume at the start of the school year”. But the health crisis risks being followed by a global economic crisis. Are you sure you can rely on all your suppliers over the long term? Are you in control of your cash? Have you taken the time to analyze the risks weighing on your Supply Chain in the short, medium and long terms? For having estimated the opportunities that may present themselves to you while a market is up for grabs or a competitor in worse shape than your company? This is the time when the cards are reshuffled, put the odds on your side to have the best game!

Have you thought of everything?

If you can take a step back, maybe now is the time for you to do a quick audit of your Supply Chain to effectively get around the issue. So far, collective intelligence has worked and everyone has tried to think internally about the problems to be solved. But are you sure you haven’t forgotten anything important? To have a global vision of your Supply Chain? Of its internal and external actors? Of its ecosystem (regulatory, CSR …)?

Flash diagnostics can help

Through a flash, pragmatic and comprehensive diagnostic approach, which is based on checklists, DIAGMA’s experts can help you quickly sweep through all the key points not to be missed.


The DIAGMA team is at your disposal for any further information, as well as if you wish to go further in a risk analysis and ways to make your Supply Chain more robust and more resilient in the future …