Interview with Myriam Jouny

Myriam Jouny, 30, one child, a senior consultant, did her final internship at Diagma in 2012.

A graduate of Ecole Centrale Paris, she decided to follow her husband to Chile by working as a Logistics Engineer at Air Liquide. After 2 years, she returned to France and returned to Diagma in March 2015. Passionate about mountains and hiking, she regularly jogs with her colleagues.

What attracted her to DIAGMA

“I wanted to come back to Diagma to see various things in Supply Chain Management, to be able to work with manufacturers and distributors, both in terms of strategy and management”

What she appreciates today about DIAGMA

“The variety of Supply Chain Management missions and the increase in competence. Be able to participate in the methodology, supervise the youngest, train them in data analysis. The partners are generally quite accessible and are a mine in terms of expertise. They have very different profiles and different ways of working, which opens up the field of possibilities.”

If she had to convince you to come and work with her

« DIAGMA is an excellent school where we are surrounded by Supply Chain Management experts. We have real autonomy. Initiatives are encouraged and projects can be carried out internally as long as they are in line with the firm’s values. We are listened to and if we want, we can go to Brazil at less than 30 years old as Aurélien to set up a subsidiary. We are trusted, there is no schedule control and we can go home earlier to pick up our son and then work from home if necessary. In addition, there is a very good atmosphere between the consultants, with the 22/23 to 30/34 year olds forming a good team. Together, we regularly organize events after work, table football matches, picnics in the park, jogging …”