Xavier Derycke, VP Supply Chain Transformation Europe, REXEL

“I appreciate the seriousness and the very good level of DIAGMA. "

Thierry Martineau, Logistics site Manager, GEMO

“ The Guilherme and Hazem team is very efficient and also very friendly. Our cooperation and collaboration was simple and efficient ”

Alexandre KASMI, Supply Chain Director REXEL

“The quality of the consultants and the approach to the subject are excellent and have clearly demonstrated DIAGMA's expertise in the Supply Chain. A very successful first experience with them! I would recommend DIAGMA to my Supply Chain network. It is a high-level consulting firm that listens to customers. We will call them for further studies to come without a doubt. "

Eric CHAVASSET, Group Supply Chain Director SNETOR

“ DIAGMA consultants have demonstrated a real quality of listening and analysis. The path has been adapted to the audience. Our experience with DIAGMA has been relevant and constructive! ”

Charles LE DENMAT, Chief Financial Officer & Supply Chain France, DURACELL

DIAGMA supported us in the overhaul of our Supply Chain in France, when we were just starting to operate in a new inefficient model. After an audit of our teams and our flows, the DIAGMA teams very quickly understood our difficulties and made a precise diagnosis, in order to focus efforts on our transport plan. This collaboration was then extended by the implementation of recommendations, with specifications and the selection of a new carrier meeting the requirements of our activity. I associate the DIAGMA teams with listening skills, business experts, and fine connoisseurs of the business sectors in which they operate: this is what enabled them to offer us, in record time, a model perfectly suited to our structure, while meeting the constraints of our customers, and at a lower cost. A very effective collaboration, with immediate results on customer relations..”

Matthieu COCHET, Supply Chain Director BDR THERMEA France

DIAGMA is resolutely oriented towards creating value through the Supply Chain. This firm provided us with relevant advice to improve our positioning in a complex value chain. We appreciated our open discussions promoting Supply Chain innovations adapted to our business maturity. DIAGMA allowed us to set up an extended Supply Chain strategy resolutely customer-oriented.

Emmanuelle BOISSEAU, Strategic Supply Chain Director SOMFY

DIAGMA supported us on various projects, from the development of a Supply Chain master plan to its implementation. The DIAGMA teams have been attentive and open to understanding the DNA of our company and its challenges. The work was carried out in close collaboration between DIAGMA and SOMFY. DIAGMA has shown adaptability in the search for a model adapted to our company, while challenging us on our operating methods with regard to best practices. I appreciated the professionalism of the DIAGMA teams, their high standards, their kindness. Their contribution has led us to take a step back from our practices and our Supply Chain system and to carry out ambitious and pragmatic transformation projects..”

François BUONOMO, Supply Chain Engineering Director, MARKEM IMAJE

“DIAGMA is supported by a team of Supply Chain experts with extensive professional experience and powerful analysis and simulation tools. DIAGMA provided us with the method, tools and benchmarks to enable us to present the different scenarios and make the right decisions. We appreciated their responsiveness, efficiency and deliverables delivered in compliance with their commitments during the implementation of our distribution strategy in Europe.”


“I have had the opportunity to work with DIAGMA for different companies. DIAGMA has real Supply Chain experience, declined according to the contexts encountered: they do not have a standard solution, but really help to build the optimal solution given the context. What I appreciate about DIAGMA is how involved and pertinent its teams are. DIAGMA has often helped us to objectify complex situations in order to imagine together the best solutions to implement.”

Thierry NAVARRE, Operations Director, ONTEX GROUP

“DIAGMA worked with us as a true partner, taking the time during its consulting mission to understand people and business, and then coming up with valuable recommendations developed in cooperation with our team. We appreciated their down-to-earth and practical approach, which led to building trust within the company and ensuring that action plans could be implemented with a high probability of success.”

François LE JONCOUR, Supply Chain Director, GEMO

I particularly appreciated DIAGMA's ability to understand and inform our strategy and our business challenges, as well as to propose concrete and pragmatic solutions that respond to them. This is reflected in their ability to interact with the management committee, as well as with the operational teams.

Hervé LAGARDE, Logistics Director, CELIO

A strong knowledge of our businesses has largely enabled DIAGMA teams to quickly interfere in our operations, and to meet our expectations. It is always enriching to be able to share various experiences and the analysis made by the DIAGMA consultants.

Supply Chain Director of a cosmetics, pharma & nutrition, biotechnology group

" We had a very good experience with DIAGMA. We would recommend this firm to other companies for its expertise in the area of flows in storage and logistics "

A Supply Chain director from the agri-food sector

“DIAGMA is a very serious firm and expert in defining master plans. The selection of the firm was not questioned by any member of the Executive Committee. We appreciated the quality of the team involved and the exchanges, the transparency and the respect of the timing. The outcome of DIAGMA's intervention was very high quality, helped by well-suited tools.”